FAQs About Parties at Giggles and Grins

Beginning January 2017
minimum 15% gratuity is added to the party invoice.

(Gratuity is calculated and added on the day of the event after adding your deposit amount plus the balance due amount)

Business Hours?

Saturday & Sunday from 11am to 7pm. Walk-ins are welcome during our business hours. For walk-ins last check-in is 6pm as we charge hourly. $10+tax for first child and $8+tax for siblings.

Friday evening (Private Party) from 6:30 to 8:30pm. We do not allow any walk-ins during private party on Friday.

How do I book a party?

Please use our online booking to reserve your desired party date and time. Once we confirm your reservation, a $150.00 non-refundable but fully transferable deposit is required to secure and hold this reservation. The remaining balance is due on the day of your party. There is no refund or reschedule for last minute (within last 48 hours of the event) cancellations, late shows or less than expected party guests.

What does my party include?

75 minutes of shared extraordinary fun in our 3000 square foot play structure, and 45 minutes in your own private party room. A party planner is available to assist you with set-up, clean-up and party coordination so you can focus on your guests and enjoy your child’s party.

For your convenience following basic party supplies are included in the price if you want to use.

  1. White Table Cover.
  2. White Plastic 7 Oz Cups.
  3. 9″ White Paper Plates.
  4. White Napkins.
  5. White Forks.

You will have to bring your own spoons if you need them or any theme decoration, we do not provide any.

Want to change or reschedule  your existing reservation?

Option 1 Manual process: It usually takes about 24/48 hours to make any changes to the existing reservation. . By the time we get your email/phone call for the request of change of date it might be too late to hold your spot

To change/reschedule  your existing party will be done only after we receive an email from you with new date and time, we will try our best to accommodate your request. If your desired date time is available then we will send you an email with new revised confirmation letter or  best available option will be suggested.

Option 2 Instant reservation: We highly recommend this option and it is guaranteed. In this option we request you make a second reservation online as soon as possible because all reservations are done online and are live.  After we receive your second reservation we will cancel your first reservation and apply that deposit to your second reservation, so we will have two deposits from you and you will just have to pay the balance on the day of the event.

There is no refund once the party is booked. You can only reschedule your party within 90 days to use your deposit. After 90 days your deposit is forfeited.
There is no refund or reschedule for last minute cancellations (within last 48 hours of the event), late shows or less than expected party guests.

If you have booked two rooms and rescheduling your party to a new date and time you will forfeit your $100 charges for extra room.

What time can I arrive to set up?

You can arrive at Giggles and Grins 15 minutes prior to your child’s scheduled party time.

Can I book the entire party space for my exclusive use?

The 7,000 square foot space is large enough to accommodate single or multiple parties, and the indoor play structure is designed to accommodate over 200 children.

Exclusive use of Giggles and Grins can be made by reserving a private party on Friday evening after 6pm.

Because we allow walk-ins on hourly basis during our regular business hours we don’t do private parties on Sat & Sun. You can book multiple party rooms in advance during our regular business hours (Sat & Sun) if you are planning to have more than 50 people but it is not going to be a private party (extra room is subject to availability). Please plan ahead for extra room to avoid any last minute inconvenience as we may have another party at the same time in the adjoining rooms.  Please call for more information.

What is the maximum capacity for a party room?

We have two party rooms and each party room is big enough to accommodate up to 50 people including adults,  children and infants. To accommodate more guests you will have to  rent an extra room for a small fee of $100.00. (Room is subject to availability and charges are non-refundable, so please plan and reserve your room in advance to avoid any last minute inconvenience.) Extra room is only to accommodate your extra guests, $10+tax still applies for more than 20 kids.

We follow fire code very strictly and we will not allow more than allowed number of guests

The party is for up to 20 children. What if I want to invite more than 20 children?

A charge of $10.00+tax per child will be applied for any additional children over 20, excluding the birthday child. For parties with fewer than 20 children, our minimum fees still apply.

Estimated cost of party:

  1. Standard party on Sat/Sun with no extra room or kids (allowed 20 kids per party, max 50 people, incl adult, children and infants per party).

Party – $295+ tax 9.9% = total $____+ gratuity.

2. Party with extra room and kids ($100 for extra room+ tax plus $10+tax per child after 20 allowed kids).

Party – $295+$100+ extra kids charges____ + tax 9.9% = Total ___ + gratuity.

3. Private party on Friday evening (Two rooms up to 30 kids max 100 people, incl adults, children and infants).

Party – $495+tax 9.9% = total$______+ gratuity.

Party confirmation

You will get two kind of confirmations from us.

Before you send out your party invitations please wait for our detailed confirmation letter from us.

  1. Instant automated email is generated via our payment portal for the deposit as soon as it is processed. Please make sure you fill in your email address correctly. We have seen occasions where parents have not received their confirmation because of wrong email address.
  2. In about 2 to 4 days you will get a detailed confirmation email from Giggles and Grins on the same email that was provided to us.
  3. Please check your in box and junk mail folders to make sure you have received both of our confirmations.


What types of outside food, snacks and beverages can I bring?

Only dry foods such as sandwiches, pizza, fresh fruits, vegetables, (Steamed Broccoli is not permitted because of pungent smell), dry snacks, chips, finger foods, condiments, bottled or canned water/juice/non-alcoholic beverages are permitted, and of course to celebrate the party, cake and ice cream are also permitted. We do not allow typical lunch or dinner (Indian or Indian-style) with gravy or any liquid foods like Daal or soup or Dahi wadas. Please call if you need any further clarification.

All food and beverage must be consumed in the party rooms.

For safety of all children, Alcohol, Tobacco products or hot beverages of any kind are not permitted on the premises.

Any kind of heating elements like open flame burners or electrical warms are not allowed.

Late Check-out:

Please follow your scheduled party times and avoid late check-out fee of $75.00 for every 15 minutes.

Sorry, extending party timing is not allowed.

Safety rules:

Please follow the link for our safety rules. https://www.gigglesandgrins.com/safety-rules/

Are there any nearby pizza restaurants?

Yes, click here for a list of pizza places near Giggles and Grins.

Will I have someone to assist me?

A party planner will be available to help you with set-up, serving food, cake cutting and after party clean-up.

Can parents go on the play structure?

Yes, parents/guardians can join their children on the play structure at no extra charge. Socks are required by all who enter the play structure.

Are there any restrictions for the parties?

For safety reasons we do not allow latex balloons (Latex allergy and chocking hazard) , confetti, or piñatas on the premises.

All sharp objects need to be removed before entering the playground structure.

All decoration must be hung up with removable painter’s tape.

Steamed Broccoli is not permitted because of pungent smell.

We do not recommend having a gift opening ceremony as it is time consuming and you may incur late fee charges ($75 for every additional 15 minutes).

Do parents need to take their shoes off?

Yes, all guests will be required to remove their shoes upon entering Giggles and Grins play area.

Are there any additional fees/charges?

Beginning January 2017 minimum 15% gratuity is added to the party invoice.

(On the day of the event, gratuity is added on the grand total after adding your deposit and balance due amount)